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THE Green Tourism BUSINESS SCHEME . . .

Environmental Policy Statement

Through a process of continual improvement we at ‘Chiltern Lodge’ are:

Committed to reducing the establishment’s impact upon the environment through good environmental practice using criteria made explicit in the ‘Green Tourism Business Scheme’ and making progress accessible to guests through our guest directory and our website.

The ‘Green Tourism Business Scheme’ criteria is split into a range of sections and the list below states the progress we have made so far. There are still other criteria that need to be addressed and this will occur when time and finances allow.

We have been credited with GTBS GOLD award standard for our efforts.

Evidence of Environmental Action

Section 1 – Compulsory
1.1 Environmental commitment
We have signed a ‘Green Tourism Business Scheme’ code of conduct that commits us to good environmental practice, fulfilling our legal duty of care for waste disposal and aiming to minimize the harmful effects and maximizing the beneficial effects our activities have on the environment.
1.2 Minimum Standards
Waste and litter is contained in appropriate storage bins and is minimized in external areas. Bins are provided for guest litter.
We appropriately deal with sanitary waste.
1.3 Benchmarking
Records are kept of energy usage and costs so that these may be monitored.

Section 2 – Management and Marketing
2.2 Attendance at green Seminar
The proprietor was guest speaker at a Green Seminar run by the East Dorset and New Forest Tourism Partnership.
2.3 Environmental Information Pack
Each bedroom is furnished with a folder explaining how our green commitment is manifested.
2.4 Business marketing and services focused on wildlife/eco-tourism
We at ‘Chiltern Lodge’ realize how fortunate we are to have the World Heritage site The Jurassic Coast on our doorstep. To share this with our guests we provide a range of publicity leaflets on this natural asset as well as being a member of the South West Coast Path Association to assist walkers in there exploration of the Coastline. We also support with leaflets other eco-related activities in the area.
2.5 Involvement with a community related green club or Business Environmental Forum
We are the co-sponsor of the Outdoor Education Packs that will be/are distributed by Durlston Country Park
2.6 Business has a community donation box or makes and annual contribution
We are the co-sponsor of the Outdoor Education Packs that will be/are distributed by Durlston Country Park; this is funded by the donations from our guests. We also support the RNLI, the Sue Ryder Foundation and fund raise for the Swanage Railway.
2.12 Monitoring Advertising and Marketing activities
We continuously monitor our marketing activities with feedback from the guest registration forms.

Section 3 – Communication
3.1 Written environmental policy on display in a public area
An environmental policy statement and the progress that we make is clearly displayed in our guest directory.
3.2 Brochure contains detail of Green Tourism Business Scheme
We provide full details of our progress and have a folder detailing the whole GTBS scheme for guest interest if required.
3.4 Business uses internet for email and website
Our commitment is to minimize the use of paper wherever possible by using internet booking and marketing through host websites.
3.6 Business is involved with community related environmental project
We are the co-sponsor of the Outdoor Education Packs that will be/are distributed by Durlston Country Park; this is funded by the donations from our guests. The proprietor is a member of the ‘South West Coast Climate Change Impact Partnership’.
3.7 Business is involved with a payback scheme
We are the co-sponsor of the Outdoor Education Packs that will be/are distributed by Durlston Country Park; this is funded by the donations from our guests as part of the ‘Jurassic Coast Trust’ visitor payback scheme.
3.8 Towel agreement with guests
Chiltern Lodge encourages guests to participate in reducing the usage of water and detergents by partaking in our towel agreement which also applies to sheets and pillowcases.
3.10 Business has a no-smoking policy
Chiltern Lodge is a no-smoking guest house.
3.11 Visitors are informed of the environmental measures undertaken by the business
This list is exemplar of our commitment to these criteria.
3.12 Business provides specific education and information on the environment
Chiltern Lodge provides a wide range of information regarding environmental issues. This is situated in the porch and is freely available to all our guests.

Section 4 – Energy
4.1 Use of fridge or freezer with an eco label of A or B
Our fridge has an eco label rating of A
4.2 Tight door seals around fridges and freezers
Our fridge has a good seal, closes easily and does not have any ice forming around the edge.
4.4 Small kettles (1000w) in bedrooms
Our rooms are all equipped with small kettles.
4.5 Use of least 50% low energy (<25W) Compact Fluorescent Lighting light bulbs
Low energy light bulbs are used in at least 50% of our appliances that are likely to be on for at least 3 hours per day.
4.9 Occupancy or light sensitive switches
Our hall and landing is equipped with LED light sensitive switched illumination.
Space Heating
4.16 Loft insulation 8 inches/ 200mm deep
The loft is insulated to this level.
4.17 Secondary or double glazing to at least 50% of all windows
All windows are double glazed with the exception of the porch.
Domestic hot water and draught sealing
4.20 Main entrance doors well sealed
The main entrance door is well sealed and free from draughts.
4.21 Insulation on hot water tank 2”/50mm thick
Our hot water tank has a 2”/50mm jacket.

Section 5 – Water
5.1 No dripping taps
Our taps are regularly checked to ensure that water is not wasted in this way.
5.7 Showers provided
To minimize water consumption we provide a shower unit over the bath.
5.8 Use of Hippo or other mechanism to reduce the flush in at least 50% of all toilets
A 500ml plastic bottle filled with water has been placed into the cistern to reduce the flush waster volume.
5.11 Use of water butts to collect rainwater to water the garden
We have 5 large water butts that are continually replenished by rain. Water from this source is used for the garden.
5.12 Non drinking water (non-potable) used to water garden or flush the toilets
As mentioned in 5.11 above.

Section 6 – Purchasing
6.2 Recycled paper products in housekeeping
Kitchen towels are used that are made from recycled paper.
6.5 Business stationery made from recycled paper
Recycled paper is used for confirmation letters and bills and old envelopes are used for postage.
6.7 Fair Trade Products
We use a range of Fair Trade Products and are listed in the Purbeck Fair Trade Directory.
6.8 Home grown or organically grown food
We grow our own tomatoes for use in the breakfast menu.
6.11 Local fish or meat products
Fish and meat is regularly purchased from the Thursday morning Wareham Market.
6.12 Local fruit or vegetable products
Local fruit and vegetables are regularly purchased from the Thursday morning Wareham Produce Auction.

Section 7 – Waste minimization
7.1 Glass bottles
Glass waste is separated and put for the recycling collection.
7.2 Paper
Paper is separated for recycling and envelopers are used again by using a ‘Chiltern Lodge’ address label. Paper is also shredded and used for composting.
7.3 Cardboard
Cardboard is separated and put for the recycling collection.
7.6 Plastics
Plastics bottles are separated and taken to the local recycling centre.
7.7 Hazardous household waste
Unused paint or empty tins are returned to the local collection centre for disposal.
7.9 Soap products
Guest soap is dispensed using refillable containers rather than supplying individual soap tablets.
7.10 Printer and Toner Cartridges
Our printer cartridges are deposited in a local collection point for re-cycling.
7.15 Vegetable food waste
All vegetable food waste is composted.
7.16 Garden waste
All garden waste is, wherever possible, composted.
7.17 Constructional waste
Wherever possible constructional waste will be taken to the local recycling centre.
7.19 Recycle/return scheme for publicity material.
Any unwanted publicity material will be deposited in the paper recycling bin.

Section 8 – Transport
8.1 Information on public transport
Public transport information related to ferries, busses, trains and community busses is available in our public areas. Information is also available on the Jurassic Coast special bus service.
8.2 Brochure containing details of public transport
Details of local public transport that is available to get to ‘Chiltern Lodge’ is given in our confirmation letter and transport company telephone numbers are available in our guest directory.
8.10 Information on walks, cycle and pedestrian routes or town maps
We provide a wide range of ideas for local and not so local walks, cycle routes and town walks.
8.11 Information on bike hire or cycles available for visitors or staff to use
Bike hire information is available in the entrance porch.
8.12 Membership of Walkers of Cyclists Club
We are members of the ‘South West Coast Path Association’ and are prepared to pick-up and forward baggage over a reasonable distance.
8.13 Covered cycle rack or secure dry storage for bikes
A garage is available for guests to keep the cycles overnight.

Section 9 – Wildlife and landscapes
9.1 Business helps to support a wildlife or landscape initiative
‘Chiltern Lodge’ is a member of the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’ and ‘The National Trust’ as well as being the the co-sponsor of the Outdoor Education Packs that will be/are distributed by Durlston Country Park, this is funded by the donations from our guests.
9.2 Information is available on local nature reserves, wildlife parks etc.
Information is displayed on local sites of environmental interest.
9.6 Establish a wildlife area or pond in the grounds to encourage insect, butterflies etc.
A pond exists in our back garden and areas of rear garden are left reasonably undisturbed so as to act as a habitat refuge. Buddleia has been planted to attract butterflies and the hedgerows are left to grow wild as a support to habitat conservation.
9.11 Visual impact of the attraction is appropriate to the surrounding landscape or environment
A great deal of effort has been put in to make sure that the presentation of ‘Chiltern Lodge’ is in sympathy with the local environment and the garden is a source of pleasure to the guests.

Section10 – Bonus
10.1 Provision of energy saving torches in the guest bedrooms
All bedrooms supplied with torches that use guest supplied mechanical energy to generate the electrical power thus saving on the use of batteries.

Chiltern Lodge, 8 Newfoundland Close,
Worth Matravers, Dorset,BH19 3LX
Tel: 01929 439337 Mobile: 07906 508125

Proprietors David & Ann Ensor

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